The Rich Twins

Against all odds they have fought for survival. It would seem that the diluted diet of even partial power is enough to sustain this unusual political being (one of only 2 that are known to have survived in the UK in the last 100 years or so) for although joined they have managed to maintain and keep separate families.

As they grow they have taken on  similar attributes although still maintaining “they are individual entities”. Observers have noticed that it may be due to their unfortunate situation why they tend to lash out at the people in society who are less fortunate than themselves.

Members of the medical profession have noticed lesions appearing as of late and are worried, for although appearing strong and healthy the outcome may not fare well for the smaller one who by all accounts may shrivel up and die once starved of formula (the formula that is power).

In the next 16 months or so you will witness as they attempt to not only separate but distance themselves from one another, causing the poisoning of blood (turning it bad) and the spilling of much faecal matter.

At G.I.T.P we have taken it upon ourselves to trawl archive, interview non witnesses and listen to hearsay to show what indeed did happen in the run up to the 2010 birth as well as what’s happened since (more back stories coming to our Remember Remember pages).