So, much has passed since our last article. In the realms of the rich and powerful, elections have been fought, won and lost (the most powerful one still pending).The latest phone, tablet or other gadget has been unveiled to the gleeful delight of the Mothmen (those whose lives would be incomplete without that faint hand held glow). Wars and the effects of war have widened to encompass former and current enemies as allies such is the desire to show off ones military hardware.

We at the Guff pride ourselves on the work we do and look forward to the challenging times ahead. Although not considered a “news” organisation, where one days’news is tomorrows lining of the food bin. We prefer to take a good look at what’s on offer and rather swallow it whole, take bite size nibbles and regurgitate it over those who present it or themselves as something to behold. We aim to be Satirical, Political, Analytical and Critical of those who regard themselves as ever powerful due to their standing in life, whether they be self appointed or anointed by those who are blinded by the misconceived glow of status.